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Recipe—Cauliflower Tabbouleh

To me, spring means transitioning those hearty comfort foods to lighter more refreshing dishes. Gotta start getting this body bikini ready! Just kidding, this mom bod hasn’t rocked a bikini in over 11 years. A good ol’ tankini is more my style. LOL In reality, I just crave lighter foods as the weather warms up, and the produce section of the grocery store transitions with the season. Everything just seems more vibrant and robust.

This cauliflower tabbouleh is perfect for warmer weather as it requires no cooking, so you can leave that hot stove off. The flavors in this dish are so refreshing as it is PACKED with herbs! You have lemon zest, mint, garlic, and red pepper. Freaking delish!

This dish is one of those that actually gets better as it sits. I like to make it the day before I plan on eating it so the cauliflower bits really take on all those yummy flavors. It is one of those perfect dishes to make on Sunday to have for lunches throughout the week. You know I am all about that meal prep! (Just beware, you may have some garlic breath so pack some gum too.)

While traditional tabbouleh is made from bulgar wheat, I actually use a bag of riced cauliflower in this recipe making it keto friendly and low calorie. It goes fantastic with some grilled Greek chicken and tzatziki!

10 oz bag frozen riced cauliflower, thawed
cucumber, peeled and chopped
1 cup small tomatoes, cut in half
1 c fresh parsley, chopped
1/4 c mint leaves, chopped 
2 green onions, thinly sliced
1 tsp garlic, minced
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/4 tsp lemon zest
2 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
1 tsp salt


  • Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and stir to combine. (Yes, it really is that easy.)
Side Dishes

Recipe—Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower Mash

As I’ve mentioned in some of my previous posts I am always looking for delicious low-carb recipes. One of my weaknesses is steak and potatoes. I will eat potatoes in any form. Mashed, au gratin, baked, you name it! One of the closest substitutions that I have found for potatoes when watching my carbs is cauliflower.  Last year I posted a recipe for loaded baked cauliflower. It is now by far my most popular recipe on my blog. (If you haven’t tried it, do. It is fantastic!) This is another wonderful cauliflower recipe I have been loving when I need something to replace those starchy potatoes. The mild roasted garlic flavor is not overpowering at all, and the Romano cheese is just right.  These flavors really are fantastic complements to the roasted cauliflower. Cauliflower is in season right now so it is incredibly affordable and a great addition to your dinner menu.

Note: This recipe can be made up to a day ahead of time and placed in an oven safe baking dish in the fridge until ready to eat. To reheat it, bake in the oven at 350º for 20–25 minutes or until hot all the way through. 

1 head of cauliflower, washed and broken up into florets
4–6 cloves garlic, peeled
4 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper
4 tbsp butter
1/3 c heavy cream
1/3 c Romano cheese
2 green onions, chopped


  • Preheat oven to 350º.
  • Lay out two large sheets of aluminum foil on top of each other.
  • Place the cauliflower florets and garlic cloves in the middle of the foil.
  • Drizzle with the olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
  • Bake for 55–60 minutes or until the cauliflower is fork tender.
  • Place the roasted cauliflower and garlic in a large mixing bowl.
  • Add the butter and cream.
  • Using an electric mixer or a hand held masher, mash the cauliflower until desired consistency. (Add more cream if needed.)
  • Stir in the Romano cheese and season with additional salt and pepper if desired.
  • Serve the mashed cauliflower and garnish with chopped green onions.

Recipe—Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

I am a girl who loves her boneless buffalo wings, just not all the calories that come with the batter fried chicken. This is a fabulous adaptation of the classic American appetizer. My husband isn’t really a fan of buffalo chicken but he really enjoyed these to my surprise. To be honest, the two of us finished off the entire batch over some Sunday football and I was guilt free! This is a really great appetizer that is not only quick but incredibly easy. Enjoy!

1 head of cauliflower, cut into bite size pieces
1/2 c buttermilk
1/2 c flour
1 tsp garlic salt
1/2 c buffalo sauce (I love Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce!)
1 tbsp butter, melted

bleu cheese dressing
celery and/or carrots


  • Preheat oven to 350º.
  • In a large bowl whisk together buttermilk, flour, and garlic salt until smooth. (If the batter seems too thick add more buttermilk a tablespoon at a time. You want it to be slightly thick so that it sticks to the cauliflower. If it is too runny the batter will all drip off while baking.)
  • Place the cauliflower into the bowl of batter and gently toss to coat.
  • Spread the battered cauliflower out on a greased baking dish making sure to shake off any excess batter.
  • Bake for 20–25 minutes turning once until some of the edges turn a nice golden color.
  • While the cauliflower is baking combine the buffalo sauce and melted butter in a small bowl.
  • Remove the cauliflower from the oven and drizzle the buffalo sauce mixture over the top and toss to coat.
  • Return the cauliflower to the oven and bake for an additional 5–10 minutes.
  • Remove the finished cauliflower from the oven and plate with some fresh veggies and a side of bleu cheese dressing.


Note (added 01/13/14): Many people have asked about the texture. The batter becomes more like a soft breading on the outside rather than crispy. To get a crispy texture try frying the battered cauliflower. And be sure to shake of excess batter as you place it on the baking sheet so that the cauliflower is lightly coated.

Side Dishes

Recipe—Loaded Baked Cauliflower

Whenever I want to try and drop a few pounds I typically opt for a low carb diet. That means cutting back on those delicious carbohydrates like pasta, bread, and potatoes. I really love my potatoes, and while there is no substitute for the real thing, this is as close as you can get to a loaded baked potato. This recipe is one of the many reasons I LOVE low carb dieting. I mean come on! A diet where you can eat bacon and cheese and still loose weight? You will not feel deprived while eating this for dinner. This recipe is certainly not a low calorie recipe, but it is a fantastic way to make a flavor packed vegetable dish that is very satisfying. If you have a picky eater that doesn’t typically like veggies give this a try. You may find out that they love cauliflower.

Note: If you want to make a healthier version of this recipe use low fat sour cream and cheese and substitute turkey bacon for regular.

head of cauliflower prepared and broken up into florets
1 c sour cream
1 c cheddar cheese, shredded
3 green onions, chopped
6 slices cooked bacon, chopped or crumbled
salt and pepper


  • Bring a large pot of water to boil.
  • Add in the prepared cauliflower florets and cook for 6–8 minutes or until easily pierced with a fork.
  • Remove cauliflower from water and allow to cool.
  • Preheat oven to 350º.
  • While the cauliflower cools, stir together sour cream, 1/2 of the cheese, 1/2 of the green onions, and 1/2 of the bacon in a large bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Chop cooked cauliflower into small pieces and add to the sour cream mixture. Be sure to give it a good stir.
  • Place mixture in a medium baking dish and top with remaining cheese and bacon.
  • Bake for 20 minutes.
  • Garnish with the remaining green onions just before serving.