Fun Food Facts

Fun Food Fact—Apple Cider vs Apple Juice

Apple juice and apple cider are equally delicious beverages made from apples, but the two are very different. Both apple cider and apple juice are made by cutting and grinding apples into a puree that is a similar consistency to applesauce. The puree is wrapped in cloth and put on racks in layers. A press then squeezes the racks and the fluids flow into refrigerated tanks.

Apple cider does not undergo any additional processing and is bottled immediately. The residual pulp is what gives cider that cloudy appearance. Cider does not typically have any sugar added. With apple juice, the fluid is filtered to remove any solid particles and is pasteurized so that it stays fresh longer. Often times sugar is added to apple juice to help sweeten it.

Note: For a festive holiday treat add a splash of Torani Classic Caramel Syrup to a hot cup of cider. Snuggle up and enjoy! 

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